Founders Friday – The Haven Creators Fund

Founders Friday ft The Haven Creators Fund

Welcome back to Founders Friday!  We’re over here on the Foundation site to talk about the new Haven Creators Fund!

One of the goals of the Foundation is to provide not only event support (HavenCon and other events throughout the year) but to also provide financial assistance to creators who promote diversity in their projects.  The easiest way to explain how this works is by example, so let’s start with that.

Example: Comic Book

(Please note these are not the finalized steps and there may be more or less to be done before we launch the fund at the end of the year).

Let’s say you have this great idea for a new comic book and the characters are as diverse as what we see in the real world.  You’ve written your story, you have this great idea and you’re ready to set out on creating this new world for all to enjoy.  But, you may not have all of the funds you need.  You need art, and a way to get it printed.  Shipping costs need to be covered and you want to secure the rights to your characters.  All of this adds up quickly!

So, you turn to crowdfunding.  You have your campaign set up, it looks great, you’re feeling good and are about to launch.  Before you do that, stop by the It’s Your Haven site and fill out an application for the Haven Creators Fund.  You’ll include a brief description of your project and a few facts about yourself and then submit away!

The next step in the process is voting.  Once an application is received we’ll reach out to our members (more information on Membership Here) and they will do a vote on whether they feel the project should receive funding from the foundation.  Why is it done this way?  Members are those who help to fund the Haven Creators Fund through their Memberships and Donations, and it keeps the decision with them and not the foundation (this has multiple benefits for all involved).

Voting will have a 48 hour turn around to ensure all Members get a chance to vote.  After the 48 hours is up, the decision is announced and we begin the funding process.

We hope to be able to fund up to 10% of your total goal if the funds are available. For example, if you are raising $5000 for your project we want to provide $500!

And that’s it, funds are awarded prior to your campaign ending and we post your project up on the foundation site for all to see!

But wait, there’s MORE!  Once your project is complete, we will provide you with a table and travel accommodations to a HavenCon event so you can display and sell your new project to the attendees that care about these projects.

We’re really really excited for this step in our journey with you all and we can’t wait to see this come to life.  Bringing more positive representation to the fandoms is important to all of us, and we want to see all of you and your amazing creations succeed.

Please note: This process may change over time and as we receive feedback, which is why we are starting the fund on the *small* side.  We want to do this right!

If you want to be a part of this important step for HavenCon and the Foundation, please consider a donation or becoming a member over on our Generosity Page at: and of course, be sure to share this with your friends, other creators, and anyone you think may be interested.


Question: Do I have to run a crowdfunding project to apply?

Answer:  Right now we are looking at those using crowdfunding platforms for their project as it acts as an extra step of verification for us.  Running a campaign takes a lot of time and energy and thus acts as a way for us to see that you are serious about the project, have thought it through and are ready to take the next big step.  We want to help you on that journey when you are ready.

Question: When will the funds be available?

Answer: It is our hope to begin accepting applications starting December 2017 (next month!).  However this is dependent on our own current fundraising endeavors currently happening on Generosity.  HavenCon is always our first priority, but once we reach our base goal we’ll be able to start the application process and award our first creator(s) in January!

Question: Why only 10%?

Answer: Statistically crowdfunding relies on that first 10% to be successful.  Many resources on crowdfunding state that the quicker you can reach 10% the more likely you are to reach your final goal.  We want to help you get that first 10 as quickly as possible.  We’ll also provide extra exposure for your project via our social media sites and right here on the foundation page!

Question: What sort of projects will be considered?

Answer: Anything that resides in the realm of fandom/geekdom/community.  Comic books are just one example.  Both video and tabletop games, movies, music by diverse creators, and on and on.  As long as it’s created by or for the LGBT+/Marginalized community, you are welcome to apply.

Question:  How are projects chosen for voting?

Answer: The foundation board will review all applications to ensure they are in line with the views and goals of the Haven Creators Fund.  If we find that the project or those leading the project are not meeting the standard, we will not approve the project for voting.

Also, if an issue comes to light after an application is approved (a potential misuse of funds or anti-foundation views) we will revoke the approval and seek legal action to have any disbursed funds returned as well as issue a public warning.  Any promised table or travel for HC events would also be revoked.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out. We love hearing from you all. 



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