Building A Foundation Live Stream Schedule

Here it is, the Building A Foundation Charity Live Stream schedule!

We have a lot of fun stuff and some great guests lined up for this event, and we’re all very excited to be doing this for charity!

Below the schedule is a form for to Ask The Founder questions.  If you have any specific question you’d like to see answered during the opening segment, leave it below!  It is 100% anonymous!

Check out the schedules below for Friday, December 8th and Saturday, December 9th and follow us on Twitch at: Twitch.Tv/HavenCon

Additionally, we’ll be doing hourly auctions during the live stream!.  We’re going to be auctioning off some awesome Bioware Swag, fun HavenCon loot, and if we reach our goal, one lucky winner will receive a gaming console of their choice!

You can donate directly at:

All current donations will be counted for the console prize, so don’t worry!

And now The Schedule (click for higher resolution):

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